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Pre-Adolescent/ Teen Counseling

Legs in Jeans
Teenage Group

Activity Therapy

-     Activity therapy is a form of play therapy, but it is tailored to meet the developmental needs of pre-adolescents and adolescents. It utilizes talk and expressive art mediums to help adolescents address their life challenges. Activity therapy can facilitate insights, communication and problem-solving abilities for pre-adolescents and teens.


Social Skills Group

-      Pre-adolescents/teens face different levels of social problems, but they may not know how to deal with them and leave it untouched for a long time. Also, may they want to get their needs met for their social hunger, but they may not be equipped with social cues and communication abilities. Social skills group can help them figure out how to cope with the real issues together and have a sense of accomplishment and significance. Groups are formed based on the clients' needs. The various groups may include: 


- Recovery from bullying 

- A walk to find true "ME'

- Communication building 

Happy Teens
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