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Parent Education/

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy

Mom and a Child
Family Hike

Parent Education 

-     For child/adolescent counseling, parent consultation is offered every 3 weeks to discuss parenting issues and therapy progress.

Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT)

-     CPRT is a parenting class that is designed for a 10-week in a group format. This training will help parents with children (3-10 yrs old) to enhance their parent-child relationship.

Click here for more information about CPRT


Teen Parents' Corner

-     Most parents have a positive intention when disciplining their teenagers. However, if your delivery system to convey your good intention is somewhat unequipped, the impact you desire won't occur, and the relationship may go sour. You can learn how to talk to teenagers and be the best advocate for your teen. 

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