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Counseling Procedure/Fee

1. Call for an appointment

- You may hesitate to think, "Do I even need to go to counseling for this?"

Call for an inquiry and schedule an intake session. You can have a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation with the director. Call us at 469- 907-5150

2. Intake Session

- For child/adolescent counseling, an intake session is only with parent(s) without the child/adolescent. It takes about 70 minutes, and the parent(s) brings the Child/Adolescent Intake Form.

- For adult counseling, the client(s) brings the Adult Intake Form. 

3. Play-based Assessment

- After the intake session, the parent(s) will bring a child for a play-based assessment. Each parent will have 15 minutes to play with his/her child in the playroom.  Parents will have a meeting with the therapist to discuss the child's developmental stages and treatment plan.  

4. Therapy 

- An individual session is offered for 45 minutes

- A group session is offered for 70 minutes based on the developmental needs of the clients

- For child/adolescent counseling, parent consultation is offered every 3-4 weeks to discuss parenting issues and therapy progress.

5. Fees

- The counseling session fee varies based on the therapist's education and experience level. - A 70 minutes counseling session with the director is $250

- A 45 minutes counseling session with the director is $170.

- Fees for group sessions and workshops vary based on the duration, nature, and needs of the group.

- We are not an In-Network Provider. 

- For Out-of-Network Benefits, invoices for counseling sessions are available upon request. Clients can file directly with their own insurance providers.

- Cash and checks are accepted.

6. Termination

- Termination of therapy starts from the beginning of therapy. The parent(s), client, and therapist discuss and monitor the progress all throughout the therapy process. 

​7. Follow-up

- The first follow-up session is one month after the termination to check on how things are going and encourage the client/parent(s)

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