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Adult Counseling

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Individual Counseling

-       This is for individual adults who encountered life’s challenges and are seeking personal growth.


Group Counseling 

-       This is a group session for adults who are faced with similar hardships in the season of life. Groups are formed based on clients' needs: 

- Grief Share

- Single parent issues 

- Women's issues

- The recovery process of trauma

- Finding the calling in life

- After break-up

- Empty nesters


Family Counseling

-     This is an adult family members' gathering to face hardships together and strive to build resilience as one. Various expressive arts and symbolic mediums may be utilized during the session.

Intensive Family Counseling over Vacation

- This is designed for families who would like to have several intensive sessions during their vacation in the DFW areas. They not only talk things out but also participate in fun activities like cooking and games altogether to mend the relationship and rekindle their heart for one another again.

Telemental Health Counseling

-     This is real-time counseling via interactive video & audio technology. Clients who have special needs can have counseling sessions from home.

Support Groups
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