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Glad Heart
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Glad Heart CEC is a family-focused center where children, adolescents, adults, and families rekindle their 

glad heart.

Sibling Piggyback


First Aid

Hello, my name is Eunah, and I am a glad heart-er. I am in my 20th year as a helping hand. I got into this profession as a wounded one at first, but the journey has been such a blessing.

The fact that we have problems in life is not a problem. However, if we leave the problem untouched, then it will become a problem. I agree that it is a scary path to start walking alone.


So partner now with Glad Heart. So that we may share the gladness.    

About Gladheart

"I can't take his outbursts of anger. He is only 4." 

"My teenager sleeps all day and refuses to go to school."

"I yell at my kids so much. I never wanted to be like my mom, but I am worse than her." 

"Divorce is not an option for now. Just wait until kids grow older. Then I have done my part as a parent"

"I am speechless. I don't know how to be me again"

If you are a parent/guardian and have any questions for child/adolescent counseling and parenting, click on this link.

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